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Facts about Edgar Allan Poe – What you didn’t know about him

Every literature student must have heard about Edgar Allan Poe. The author is inevitable in literature. There are common facts about Edgar Allan Poe that may be seen around the web. For instance, his mother’s name was Elizabeth Arnold. Edgar was only three years old when his mother passed away. On the other hand, his father was an identified alcoholic. This was the reason why he just abandoned Edgar and even two of his siblings. This was just right after the passing of his mother. It was surprising to know that his father was gone only after two days.

There were people who took care of Edgar. These were Frances and Joan Allan. However, he was not legally adopted. Despite this though, they were able to give Allan the education that he needed for the two were of a well-to-do family. Basically, Allan was only being sent money. There was no exact amount of this whatsoever. With this, he risked what he had in University of Virginia. In the long run, he was kicked out though. He was estranged after. This was the simple tidbits about his education.

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A Closer Look at the Life of Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar did not have a smooth relationship with his biological guardians who were enlisted in the army.

The moment he started writing, he utilized the name Edgar Allan Poe. This goes to show that he had to assume both surnames that he had. His obsession for cats was also taken note. As a matter of fact, he was known for writing with a cat near him, most of the time, on his shoulder.

Narrative of Author Gordon Pym of Nantucket, one of his works, talks about a capsizing of a boat, and as well as its members who drew straws to know who then would be devoured. Once they were done, they then ate Richard Parker. The bombing of the book was noted. This transpired because way back, the book of Poe was fictitious. It was not true, in any account and sense. A lot of critics wouldn’t like to believe whatever he was saying. Five years after the incident though, there was the same destruction that occurred with the same person, Richard Parker. However, there was no cannibalism involved in the scenario. It was in the year 1884 when a new case of shipwreck was accounted. That time though, the involvement of cannibalism was confirmed. It was verified that a person named Richard Parker was eaten.

Aside from the aforementioned, Poe was also popular for letting the public be exposed with detectives as literary characters. This was witnessed in The Murders in the Rue Morgue. There was a character here, the lead, which turned out to be an archetype of literary personalities today. Despite this though, there were still debates. A lot would like to claim that the idea “detective” was nonexistent in the year 1841. However, there were proofs pointing out that the said story was indeed printed in 1840.