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Interesting Facts about Guatemala – What makes the place worth visiting?

Guatemala currently shares borders with El Salvador and Mexico. This was directed southeast, and northwest respectively. Officially, Guatemala is considered a Central American Country. It is also referred to as Republic of Guatemala. It garnered a lot of attention because of its captivating beauty. This is the right haven for individuals who want to relax and unwind over the holidays or the weekends. There is a tenfold of interesting facts about Guatemala that tourists owe to know. It is not just a sight to see. It is also coupled with luscious cuisine. It is the reflection of the Mayan civilization.

The country will always be ideal for nature lovers and adventurers. This is for sure. Guatemala is really beyond what it offers. It connotes various meanings. Basically, its name refers to Land of the Trees. This is how it is perceived in the Maya-Toltec language. There are individuals who like to believe that its name is obtained from Guhatezmalh. This also points to mountain that throws up water. Others find this bit really funny.

The national bird of Guatemala is Quetzal. This is also its currency. This specie has always been rare and fragile. The feather on the talk of the bird was the one utilized for the Maya Empire currency. The inhabitants of the said country. This started way back in the 18000 B.C.

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It is surprising to know that even if the place is really small in size, a great number of volcanoes is present. To be specific, there are 20 of them in the place.

The main religion in Guatemala is Catholic. This is not surprising because there is an evident influence of Spanish in the country. Do not get this wrong though because occasionally, there are also the Mayan religion prevalent. It does exist in some places.

As comparing to the whole world, Guatemala is considered to be 107th of the largest. Before it, Cuba was listed. Iceland on the other hand landed behind it.

Aside from the aforementioned, there is a 76% of literacy rate among adults. There is a lesser number for females, as compared to that of males. The population of it, 60% for that matter, is illiterate. Meaning, it does not know how to write and read. This is one of the reasons why it has been cited as an interesting fact on the country. Learning more about it appeals to a lot of people.

What is in store for most travelers?

The longest river found in Guatemala is called the Motagua River. This measures around 486 kilometers in length. In the northern highlands of the place, Atitlan is located. This means at the water. This is considered to be the deepest lake that is situated in the Central America. This is even dubbed as the most beautiful lake all over the world. There were many explorers who landed their feet on the place. Take Alduous Huxley. Guatemala is also highly visited because of this natural resource.