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Rick Ross’ Weight Loss Saved His Life and Changed Him Forever

Back then, Rick Ross was really huge. He is great as a rapper, but he is also known for his body size. He also didn’t seem to care about his appearance. However, when he started suffering from insomnia and seizures, he decided to change his lifestyle. Rick Ross’ weight loss saved his life and he remained committed in this new path. He has inspired a lot of people with his story.

Rick Ross made a stunning appearance where he has drastically changed as he lost 75 pounds. In a way, he seems unrecognizable if not for the thick beard.

Although he seems to have been always confident of his body size, he revealed that he has somehow struggled. Hence, he decided to change his lifestyle.

It was in 2011 when he decided to start losing weight. He remained committed to his fitness goals since then.

He worked with a personal chef so that he could keep losing weight without sacrificing the food he loves to eat. He incorporates healthy dishes in his usual diet.

He also spends more time in the gym now. He couldn’t bring himself to the gym back then, but he has decided that something must change for him to stay healthy and live longer.

Back when he was still overweight, Rick would only sleep for about 4 hours each night. He really struggled when it comes to the number of hours spent for sleeping.

He also revealed that he had seizures in 2011. He even had more than one in a very short interval. His decision to lose weight somehow saved his life.

Rick has been diagnosed with stomach cancer after his drastic weight loss. He revealed that each day is a major struggle for him.

Regardless of his body size, Rick remains a jolly person. He also continued working and became an inspiration to a lot of people.

Rick said that he is happier now. There are still struggles, but he remains committed in this new journey to fitness.